ATUOTS (At The Uprising Of The Sun) was recorded over the course of 2014 and serves as a reflection of the process both physical and emotional that I as an
individual experience each day. The first track, At The Uprising Of The Sun, represents my waking moments, flooding back in of the senses, and noticing my own heart rhythms. Act III, the last track, mimics the closing of the day, where I should be trying to relax while the anxiety of the next day and what I should be working towards every instant looms overhead. The tracks couple with all the anxiousness, moments of clarity and odd timings that occur in between. There is
a lot of myself on this album, so if you feel calmed or anxious or both throughout your listen, thank you.

Recorded at The Golden Room, Winston-Salem, NC. All instruments, vocals and production by Zac Trainor. (c.2014-2015) Crift Records.